Fabryka Armatur „Głuchołazy” S.A. offers production and cooperation possibilities as bellow:

  1. Machining carried out mainly on numerically controlled machine tools, single-spindle and multi-spindle machines and on a machining center
  • Turning (maximum length 1500 mm, maximum diameter 1200 mm)
  • Milling (machining area 750x 500×1000)
  • Boring
  • Surface grinding (table surface 600 x 250)
  • Grinding cylindrical surfaces (maximum diameter 250 mm)
  • Thread grinding
  • Lapping surfaces
  1. Welding and surfacing
  • arc welding (welding) with covered electrodes
  • arc welding (welding) with solid wires in a gas shield
  1. Heat treatment in chamber furnaces with dimensions:
  • 700x300x300 [mm x mm x mm]
  • 1500x850x600 [mm x mm x mm]
  1. Plastic processing
  • stamping, upsetting on presses with a swinging die;
    maximum pressure 160,000 kg
    maximum stroke 140 mm
    maximum product diameter 100 mm
  • thread rolling
    maximum diameter 30 mm
    maximum thread pitch 3.5 mm
  1. Washing in a chamber washer using preservatives and corrosion protection
  • basket diameter 1200 mm
  • maximum load weight 450 kg
  1. Painting– hydrodynamic or pneumatic with water-based paints
  2. Final assembly of finished products.