231-I Quick closing valvey flanged, straight form

Material: P245GH

Nominal pressure: PN 25

Nominal diameter: DN 15-150

Temperature range: 120°C

Working position: vertically

Quick–closing valves are destined to quick (in emergency case) closing of medium flow in installation. They should be installed on pipelines- vertically pointed /lever system have to be above axis of flow inlet/, paying attention on medium flow direction, that should be in accordance with marking on the body. Valve can be hand/wire operated – Cat. no. 231-I or pneumatic operated – Cat. no. 231-IP.



Petrochemical industry

Valves 231-I are applicable for diesel fuel with temperature up to +120ºC.


Manual operation

Manual operation

Electric actuator

Hydraulic / pneumatic actuator


  • We produce the valves designed for marine service –WM acc. to PN-W-74017:1998 Standard -on request, the valves can be tested and meet the requirements of Classification Societies as: GL, LRS, BV, DNV, PMPC (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping), ABS, RINA,
  • We produce the valves with flanges designed for NP (0,6 – 2,5) [MPa],
  • Wymagania i badania techniczne zaworów wg PN-W-74017,
  • Tightness class D acc. to PN-EN 12266-1:2003 (the other tightness class -on request also possible)-1. Na życzenie klienta wykonujemy zawory na wyższe klasy szczelności,
  • Face to face dimension acc. to PN-EN 558-1:2001,
  • Quality certificate, depends on customer requirements acc. to PN-EN 10204:2005.

NOTE – in inquiry / order we’re asking for quoting the norm, type of facing, as well as medium and working parameters.