HYDRO25 Stop-check valve for hydro-injection

Material: stal węglowa

Nominal pressure: PN 40

Nominal diameter: DN 25

Temperature range: 100°C

Working position: horizontally

They can be installed on coke – furnaces in installation of water supply used in coking process (hydro injection process). Applied for controlling of ammonia water supply, being under high-pressure (2,5-4,0 MPa) and using to hydro-injection and low-pressure water (0,2-0,6 MPa), used in gas cooling process. Thanks to mechanism built in charging car, it allows for full mechanization of water supply control in coking process.




Chemical industry

Chemical industry


Petrochemical industry

Valves HYDRO 25 are applicable for ammoniac water with pH7 concentration, having pitch, benzene, phenols and pollutions with max. temperature up to 100 °C.


Manual operation

Manual operation


Stop-check valve for hydro-injection consists of quick-acting stop valve, co-operating with self-acting two-way check valve. Above mentioned valve has function of two-way distributing valve and is especially useful in hydro-injection installation on coke furnaces.
Zawór HYDRO 25 is characterized as:

  • solid, simply and failure free;
  • quick and simple to regulation;
  • high-efficient tight;
  • resistant for difficult working conditions;
  • adapted for full mechanization;
  • adapted for installation in new designed and already existing projects

NOTE – in inquiry / order we’re asking for quoting the norm, type of facing, as well as medium and working parameters.